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Prices as of 1st DEC 2013

1. Some companies charge a higher hourly rate if you require a painter decorator, carpenter builder or tiler. 

We feel that TILING BUILDING CARPENTRY AND PAINTING FALL WITHIN THE HANDYMAN DESCRIPTION and we do not charge extra for these services.

2. Some companies charge £78 an hour for painters  carpenters tilers and plasterers £90 an hour for glazing and £102 an hour for general building .

3. Some companies operate with a scooter service which is fine, whilst our multi skilled handymen have on board some timber paint nails screws* fixings and so much more including steps and ladders dust sheets and a full range of hand tools including hammers saws spirit levels workbenches hand drills skill saws paint brushes rollers trays, when called on to perform we have the tools for the job. 

*We do not guarantee having every fixing nail or screw available for the job. 

4. Unlike nearly all of our competitors we do not add a handling charge for purchasing materials on your behalf although the time taken driving to and from a supplier will obviously be added to the final bill ( some charge up to £60 or 20% of material cost on top of labour.

5. There are at least 90 handyman companies large and small that do not give any published rates in the London area, in fact we gave up counting after 92.

6. On larger jobs expected to last more than 5 days we can arrange an appointment with you and will give you a fixed price quotation if possible, if you wish for the works no matter how large, most handyman companies charge for quotes.

7. We do not run a call centre, so you can get first hand advice from an experienced handyman when you make your booking.

8. Most companies have a 48 or 72 hour cancellation policy

ours is strictly 24 hours notice before 7am of the day booked, except for bookings on a monday where the last cancellation or postponement is on the friday evening at 9pm.

9. NO SHOW. There is a minimum charge of £70.00 ( one hour ) for a no show (where a customer is not at home when we attend), or is unable or unwilling to allow  works to commence when we attend. When a full day is booked a charge of 50% is charged. 

10. CANCELLATION OR POSTPONEMENTS. For all other bookings a minimum charge of one hour or 50% of the agreed booking time is due whichever is the greatest.

12. After the first hour, time is based on units of half an hour, starting from the first minute of the next half hour or hour. Where a full day has been booked, additional units of half an hour are also charged as above.


6am-8am  add 50%

5pm-10pm add 50%

Saturday   add 50%

Sundays and bank holidays    add 50%

Overnight add 100%

In line with all our competitors we charge for the congestion charge on all jobs where the charge is applicable

All materials to be supplied by customer and should be readily available.

We have a selection of screws and wall plugs which are free to you within a reasonable limit.

Specialist fittings are chargeable

Parking charges are applicable when parking is not available

All prices were checked on the 1ST December 2013 and a full screenshot or copy can be supplied. Prices may go up or down.


1. All payments are strictly due on the day of completion without exception.

2. Payment can be made by cash or by online transfer. Cheques are not accepted under any circumstances.

3. Where payments remains unpaid for a period of seven days, we reserve the right to add a £100.00 recovery charge to cover administration costs plus interest at 5% over base rates plus recovery charges including solicitors fees and court costs

4. All invoices are sent by email, no paper invoices or attachments are sent.

5. The collection charge will be added if the invoice is not paid within seven days, if a remittance is not received within 14 days of completion of the contract we will take court action to recover the debt plus solicitors and court costs.

6. Any complaints must be made to our handyman strictly on the day of works taking place.

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